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Our scope of services covers the whole process of Facility Management. From the analysis and alignment, to managing and implementing, as well as the protection of your results. If necessary, Intesia takes over the entire management of your facilities (Full Service), sub-areas (Shared Service) or solely provides advice (Consulting).



Secure Availability – Exclude Risks

Regarding technology, technical Facility Management or Property Management, we work together with proven and audited service partners in all countries. Here we focus on reducing operating costs, maximum facility availability and long-term value preservation. This all takes place under the premise of legal certainty in the various countries.

Whereby legal certainty also represents risk management. For example when a person gets harmed riding an escalator due to defective and non conforming legal maintenance, it is already too late. And the consequences may be severe for the person affected as well as the operator.

Fire Prevention

Is the sprinkler system ready for use? Are all fire extinguishers maintained within the law? Is the smoke vent system in a technically perfect condition? Are the escape routes marked reliably and do the fire doors work? Lots of questions to which we can give you the right answers.

Central Building Control System

Managing and monitoring the central building control system, for instance the heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies - also with the help of the appropriate software - is not only demanding but existential for a Property Manager. You are in good hands with us.

Safety Engineering

The security against burglary and sabotage gains increasing importance. We support you with the selection of a suitable service provider who will operate with the needed care in access control, burglary protection and video surveillance.


Knowing the reasons for failure, one can prevent these. Recording, analysing and documenting disorders is just as important as maintaining an overview of the spare price lists within the Technical Facility Management. We have this provably under control.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation

Commissioning inspections, organising punctual exchanges of wear parts, statistical coverage of consumption…only a few of the tasks we solve together with our service partners within each country and location each year - to our customers’ full satisfaction.

Maintenance, Inspection, Testing

In order to avoid system breakdowns with high resulting costs, scheduled maintenance is required. Legally mandatory and recurring testing through independent technical experts is ensured. This enables us to create the requirements - so that everything in your building runs smoothly.