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Our scope of services covers the whole process of Facility Management. From the analysis and alignment, to managing and implementing, as well as the protection of your results. If necessary, Intesia takes over the entire management of your facilities (Full Service), sub-areas (Shared Service) or solely provides advice (Consulting).



Make Data Comparable – Optimize Processes

Costs, Quality and Sustainability must also be balanced on the operational level of Facility Management Services (Infrastructural Facility Management). For example by giving clear instructions and explicit specifications to the appointed service provider. This way, costs and services can be made transparent and comparable. The derived possibilities for optimisation can now be implemented.

Waste Management

Avoiding and reducing of waste as well as the utilisation of inevitable waste: with the help of this concept, our long-term experience, consultation expertise and our international service providers’ network, we are able to support you and achieve a profitable and future-oriented waste management.

Industrial hygiene

Assessment of demand, cost-benefit equation and cost-optimisation through centralised purchasing. There are many things to be done in this segment. We reveal the details and provide an overview of all individual services, which have an affect on costs of industrial hygiene. 

Cleaning Services

We have everything under control: from analysing the necessary requirements, tendering to external service providers, supporting implementation by qualified staff, to regular, independent quality controls. Our Intesia Quality Management allows you to compare costs to benefits, if necessary, across all international locations within the Infrastructural Facility Management.

Pipe and sewer cleaning

Preventing is less expensive than clogging. By timely, cyclic operation of TV-Inspections and, if necessary, the cleaning of the pipes and sewers, you can save money. We create these conditions.

Grey and Green Area Care

We ensure the increase in efficiency with grey and green areas in all its facets. By, for example using synergies through the pooled allocation for several locations and achieving savings.

Pest Control

In addition to flexibility, experienced requirements analysis, cost-benefit comparisons, and cost reducing by centralised purchasing are our strengths in this area. Therefore, our service providers are able to tackle some “exotics” most effectively, sometimes with the help of exceptional methods.