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Our scope of services covers the whole process of Facility Management. From the analysis and alignment, to managing and implementing, as well as the protection of your results. If necessary, Intesia takes over the entire management of your facilities (Full Service), sub-areas (Shared Service) or solely provides advice (Consulting).



Careful Analysis – Reasonable Optimisation

Concerning energy, we see sustainability from various perspectives. Ecologically in terms of protecting the environment and its resources, economically regarding cost reduction and improving the return on investments, and socially in view to the well being of the real estate users. Regardless from which perspective we consider your Energy Management: it always starts with recording, comparing, evaluating and documenting all relevant data as a reliable basis for optimisation.

Tendering and Energy Procurement

We take the lead in supporting the process of tendering for the different types of energy in your company. We support you by the selection, placing and the implementation of the right service provider.

Benchmark Analysis

By comparing consumption data among all locations, we determine and implement potential for savings, and organize effective monitoring of your energy management based on this data pool.

Detailed Energy Analysis

Concerning energy, small details can permanently make a large impact. Therefore we take the time to gain a personal impression of your real estate and energy consumers, making it possible to determine saving potentials and drawing the correct conclusions.

Your Energy Cockpit Concept

A clear and functional cockpit is important. In order to gain a good overview, we optimise your measuring points, monitor your consumption, set up alerts and responses possibilities and ensure effective success control through long term analysis, data documentation and data storage.

Practical Implementation Planning

In order to use the determined saving potentials, we can help by offering specific plans and instructions for your daily operations within your Energy Management.

Assessment of Energy Innovations

Energy innovations primarily help in reducing the consumption. However not all innovations are useful for your location. Our employees have the know-how and skills to evaluate innovative technology both economically and ecologically, and to prepare sustainable choices.