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Potential Analysis

The potential analysis gives an overview and status of the Facility Management processes. The aim is to clarify where, when and how much you paid for a specific service and to analyse whether this performance is necessary at all.


French Wholesale Companies for Technology and Maintenance

Focus on Risk Minimisation


  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Requirement and Evaluation Analysis
  • Transparent Service Overview

Joint Purchasing

  • Pooled purchasing
  • Standardised services throughout all facilities and locations
  • Uniform quality

Standardised Repairs

  • Sustainably favourable price conditions
  • Comparability of the services
  • Lower repair costs

Uniform Maintenance

  • Transparent price conditions
  • Enhanced reliability
  • organised quality management

Overarching Optimisation Potential

  • complete analysis of requirements and evaluation
  • Long-term exchange planning
  • Standardised specifications